new york, new york

So this week I will be finishing up the rest of my Vegas outfits, before returning to everyday posts. I am so far behind in posting its ridiculous! I went thrifting last week and found some really wonderful pieces that I am rocking this week and I can't wait for you all to see them. but first, back to vegas. :)

this was our last night.... the hubby and I were supposed to go home, but we gave up our seats on our flight and they paid for our hotel! score! They also paid us 300 dollars each! WHAT?! it was our lucky weekend. and even though I don't gamble, the hubby did, and between that moo la and the airplane money we totally paid for the entire weekend. thanks VEGAS! so what did I do with that money? shop of course! I grabbed this adorable ensemble at the shops at Caesar's. the hubby took me out to dinner to celebrate our winnings.

after dinner I had to change out of those killer boots. while they are fantastic, they are not so comfortable and we wanted to walk all around. we headed over to new york, new york to hit up the piano bar. one of my FAVS!

a few more vegas outfits this week, so stay tuned.... what did all of you ladies do over the weekend??



  1. Aww your guys are such a cute couple!! Girl, I am LOVING that tunic dress- it looks so fantastic on you! Oh and those boots are KILLER!! I am so sorry that aren't the most comfortable though, but they look like they would be worth the pain. LOL ;)



    P.S. I wrote this once before, but then it got erased before it was saved so if you get a double message that is why. Oops! :)

  2. cute photos! :D

    awesome boots!

  3. aaaaaaaaah i love your top


  4. Great photos. You look fantastic. Have a wonderful week. Cheers!

  5. Those boots are totally killer, but that vest! Oh, how I LOVE that vest! What were your favorite shops? Glad you had so much fun!

  6. you look beautiful as always! The boots are fab!!! I love the whole thing!

  7. I love those boots! They seem like they're worth whatever discomfort they bring.

  8. looks like you had sooo much fun!

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  9. Great look! Sounds like a great trip...

  10. It sounds like an amazing trip! I'm so glad you got that break - I know you needed it. And as always you look fabulous! That fur vest is soooo perfect!

    And we do need to chat soon. I especially want to hear about the East coast spring trip plans! Already getting excited :)

    I'm totally pumped to see your thrifted blazer. I was really unsure about the shoulder pads too at first but they really grew on me. Especially after seeing how well they looked in the pictures.

    Hope you've had a great night! (P.S. I've been working out regularly thanks to you. I owe you!)


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