party like a rock star

Recognize this one?? Its a re-do, but its one of my favorite little shirts. Check it out the first time around here. I picked it up, along with a red maxi one, on my honeymoon in Hawaii. there was this adorable little stand off the beach that had all these gorgeous silk dresses. its remarkably comfortable, however wearing a bra just can't really happen here. I think it comes off alright though. I love how it drops down so low in the back. Its one of my features that I can actually say that I really like about myself and work really hard on at that gym, so its fun to show it off now and again! :)

I paired it with my faux leather leggings and purse that I picked up in Milan over the summer. and I am wearing these boots that I bought for the Vegas trip, and I have been wearing them non-stop. I am in love with the "over the knee" boot look this season, and I need to pick up another pair. I'm thinking in a fun color.... I'm craving some red boots like crazy... like the fabulous Kyla of Blue Collar Catwalk!

and how much fun are these earrings?! the feathers were totally tickling me the entire night, but to complete this "rock star" look they were necessary.

we started the night with the whole group for drinks at mist. don't my mama and her friends look like fun? they are such a cute group.

after hours, my bestie and I headed over to Christian Audigier where we were on the VIP list. :) our good friend from college, Sharon, is a Vegas promoter, and her brothers are famous DJ's. Its fun to know people with an "in". They always make sure to hook us up when we roll the strip. Thanks Shar!

a few more vegas posts! happy tuesday!



  1. Oooh, that top is so delish! Your back looks crazy sexy in it!

    My blog post about Ren Festival is from the Kansas City Renaissance Festival, and it runs for 6 weeks every year in September and October. If you ever want to go, let me know: I have a guest room and can hook you up with comp tickets!

  2. I want to steal every accessory you're wearing with that outfit. esp. the earrings and ring... too hot.

  3. so fun! I love the backless top!You look hot mama!

  4. nice earrings =]


  5. Oh, I love that shirt, and I love it in the post from Sept too! You are in such great shape:) Such a great outfit with beautiful colors. Looks like a great night!


  6. Man, I want to go to Vegas with YOU! It looks like you guys had a blast! Those boots are seriously killer - if I could wear heels these days, I would totally have a pair of my own! And thanks for the shout out!

  7. omg! so this is officially one of my favorite outfits i've seen you in on your blog! i ADORE it <3 everything is completely spot on and sooo chic =D! + i'm totally jelly of that amazing top!

  8. Why does it not surprise me that you would be on the VIP list? That totally fits you! And this whole look is perfect for a VIP. Fun, flirty and fabulous!


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