I left my heart in San Francisco

More love from San Francisco. We spent a day in Wine country at my parent's house, and a day gallivanting around the city doing tourist type things. I am in full support of experiencing tourist things in any city, even if you have lived there! Anyways, it was such a gorgeous day. The fog was rolling right over the Golden Gate Bridge as we drove from the North bay into the city. It was picture perfect, so we dropped the top on my mom's convertible and shot some amazing pictures as we were rolling through.

Oh the Haight. One of my favorite areas of the city. If you are a thrift shopper and you are in SF this place is a MUST see. So many fantastic little shops and funky places to eat. If you love art, there is plenty here, and of course the Haight is full of history as well. My husband says I love it because of my "inner tree-hugging-gronola- eating- hippie", and who am I to argue with that. :)

Had some coffee and strolled along the pier. Its nice to do this late in the fall, early winter because its not as busy, and really not cold yet. The pier is so lovely in the summer months, but overwhelmed with tourists! Did you know the SF is one of the most popular destinations from all over the world? Its crazy! If you are down there on a summer day, you can literally meet people from almost any continent. Such an amazing city.

my mama and my lil bro, or big bro as it were seeing as he is a foot taller than me these days.

The bro and I are both history buffs, American, European, you name it! So we headed out to Alcatraz for a few hours. Love all of the tours there, you learn so much!

Then of course I had to include some shots from my alma mater. St. Mary's College of California. We are a very small school, but have probably the best campus in all of Ca. Its AMAZING. We may be small, but we are Division one in most of our sports. Our boys basketball usually go to the NCAA or the NIT every year. Go Gaels! These girls were my dance team girls! We all like to come back to the games together to cheer our team on.
my mom, and my uncle (my dad was running around talking to old friends). Yeah, did I mention that EVERYONE in my family has gone to St. Mary's. Seriously, both parents, Aunts and Uncles, Cousins. Its like a family tradition.
Good old McKeon Pavilion
Yeah...no comment really on these last pictures except that I am obviously a nerd. the end.


  1. He ehe hehe!!! You're such a sweet little nerd!

  2. Oh I adore San Francisco! Went there two years ago, and there's nothing like it! So charming and up-beat! Looks like you had a great time!

  3. San Francisco looks lovely - will have to stop over and visit! Love your denim jacket :)


  4. San Fran has always been on my list of places to see, now it's on my list of places to see soon!

  5. I really really want to go to San Francisco now! It looks like such a wonderful place and I know it did your soul good to be home for a few days.
    P.S. You look ridiculously good in your pants and denim jacket! My vote: wear more pants!


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