Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Happy Monday morning to all of you! I hope that everyone had wonderful weekends. I know we did! The hubby FINALLY had some weekend time off, so we spent it together. We looked at a zillion and one houses and are narrowing it down to our top five with our realtor this morning. Very exciting! Other than that, we did have a few Christmas parties and I will be posting those outfits later in the week. Thanks for all of your help and suggestions!

This is what I wore while jaunting around to look at more houses yesterday. I bought this top for only four bucks last summer at How Sweet it Was Vintage. It totally reminds me of what the Beatles wore on the cover for their Sgt. Pepper album. Just look at all the detailing and you will know what I mean. :) It was super light weight, and the color is just gorgeous.

I really can't wait to wear this one again. Got lots of comments on it from the other home hunters that we ran into! Well off for an incredibly busy week.... today I begin two weeks of finals, and begin all of our holiday work business! yikes! Hope you all have a fantastic day. xoxo


  1. It's fabulous because the color is stunning on you, and you can wear it as a top and a dress. Belted with some sparkly tights: I die!

    Also, those jeans are so cute on you!

  2. Umm, wow!! That top is gorgeous on you and I love the color, the ruffles and the marching band buttons (ok, I love it all)! Awesome outfit once again.

    Can't wait to here more about your house hunting. I know you guys will find the perfect one. Good luck on your finals! :)


    P.S. What is your address? I am sending out my Christmas cards and I would love to send you one. :)

  3. There are no words to express how excited I am that you found a house!! Please tell us (me) more about it and maybe include a few pictures? What is it like? And turquoise is YOUR color! You look amazing!


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