Queen of Hearts

woo! I am done with this semester! So very excited and beyond relieved. Can you tell that I am celebrating here? Well, I am. :) This has been such a hectic week and its not winding down. The hubby and I are off to do house stuff. Who knew buying a house could be so time consuming? More contracts, inspections, and realtors are on the menu for us today. After house stuff its time for a little gym, some sushi for dinner celebrations, dog park time, and PACKING. I still haven't started to pack and I am leaving in the morning for San Diego. I've decided rather than driving straight through to San Francisco, I am in no hurry. I am going to stop and visit all my fabulous friends along the way! :) San Diego, LaLa land, SLO, and everything in between. I will keep you posted as I travel this weekend! Everyone take care, and I promise as soon as I am crashing at home in Sonoma on Monday I will have time to check out all of your lovely blogs and see what you have been up to. Cheers ladies! xoxo

on a quick side note I have to mention my AMAZING friend Leah Dancer. Yes, that is her real last name and yes we did meet on dance team during our college years :). Anyways, she has built this fantastic baking company from the ground up, and the little confections she makes are HEAVEN. She won't even tell me, her best, how she does it. But trust, these morsels are de-lish. Have a look, you will be so happy you did!

Love Bucket Baking Company


  1. You are so fun (I can just tell)!! I love this outfit and that heart bag- so fun!! OMG, I want to dress like you, but I don't think I would look as adorable.

    Congratulations on being done your semester- Whoo Hoo!



  2. Lady, this outfit is so YOU. In my minds eye when I picture you, you are totally and completely the Queen of Hearts wearing something exactly like this. ZING!

    Also, if you think buying the house is time consuming, wait until you get to the first three months of LIVING in the house. Dude. My husband and I bought our first house in February, and if you look at my bank account from February through May, all I spent money on was house stuff and fast food. I was SO TIRED every day!

    You'll get through it though, and it's SO WORTH IT!

  3. Amazing - I swear your outfits just getter better and more vibrant by the day!!!


  4. so, so, so gorgeous - love red on you, and your purse is too cute for words! :)


  5. Ah! congrats! I'm so jealous you're done with classes!!

    I have one more final tomorrow at two!

    You look fantastic as always. God, that purse is the coolest little thing I've seen all day!

  6. Red is a great color for you =]
    that bag is awesome!

  7. That bag is out of this world! Have a fun drive seeing all your friends!

  8. i LOVE when outfits are a character. this is amazing. all the pics are nothing short of adorable and fantastic! plus you are one of those lucky girls that looks absolutely amazing in red! love it!!!!


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