black and white and pink all over.

merry thursday to you all. I am happy to bring you valentine's day pictures: round one
that is really the extended title of the post if you look closely
black & white & pink all over: valentine's day pictures: round one
see? I told you it was there.
the best/most ironic part about my three segment vday extravaganza?
none of the pictures were actually taken on vday!
we aren't really huge fans of the hallmark occasion in our house and instead we always try to do things to show that we care for each other. and we always make an effort to be romantic and spend time together.
not just on one day a year.
but anyways, we did decide to embrace the spirit of "couple-ness" this week and planned some really fun excursions.
did we get to all of them?
it was sort of an eyes are bigger than our stomach scenario. but we did discover some interesting and new things to do in tucson. and have plenty more planned.
hello? arizona has a renaissance fair next month! and spring training! and a bunch of broadway musicals are coming to town!
exciting things planned for the spring.

on monday night I found a theater that plays older movies for 4 bucks a person! holla. and guess what they were showing that night?
um yeah. breakfast at tiffany's.
oh hai audrey hepburn, I do adore you.
did I die?
I did.
so, logan was a good hubs and went with me. I rocked my "thrifted from good will for only a dollar" zebra shirt, some purple tights, new pink lipstick (in honor of vday week), and a black ribbon in my hair.

and yes, that is the number to our condo/apartment. and yes, I did paint it pink.

when I had arrived home from class that day, I found this little display to greet me in my kitchen.
though I'm not a huge fan of flowers, logan always buys them for me.
when he was away for boot camp for 8 months last year, he had flowers sent to me every month just to show he was thinking of me. though it was hard to be away from him, it was such a romantic time for us. I wrote him a letter for every single day that he was gone.
and you know what?
he kept them all.
now we have a little scrap book filled with our letters to each other from the year and its nice to be able to go back and look at when we are having a little fight and realize that it will pass.

isn't that turtle ridiculously adorable?
too bad my dogs thought so as well and have since abducted said turtle.
they are asking for bones for ransom and I'm going to have to pay up to get him back.
also, seeds is my hubby's nickname for me. it has evolved so much we don't even really know where it started at this point.
I know before seeds, it was bunseeds. yeah. I know.
but before that... can't recall.
does anyone else have funny nicknames for their significant other?
hope its not just us.

wow. what is that de-lish looking picture of treat awesomeness? well, those are lovies. one of my best friends, leah, bakes these morsels of yum.
as a valentine's week gift to my lovely readers, I would like to do a give away of a bucket of lovies. the winner can pick his/her favorite flavor from their site. and I don't know how you are going to pick, because the are all so ridiculously tasty!
so the way to enter this time...
a few options

a. click that fun little button at the top that lets you follow the blog
b. send out a tweet about the give-away/blog (tag me so I know! @lovepeacedance)
c. give me/the blog/the give away a shout out on your own blog!

hint hint, wink wink.
and go ahead and leave a comment below letting me know what you did to celebrate this week. whatever you are feeling!

I hope you are all having a rockin end of the week and stay tuned for another post today with our mountain hiking festivities, and tomorrow when I announce the winner of the BBL headband!

cheers. xoxo


  1. I love that lipstick. Also your hair looks great!
    Your husband sounds like a great guy and that's so adorable that he kept all the letters. You're going to love looking back at those someday! Glad you had a good v-day!

  2. You are adorable! I love the letters idea. When I did the long distance thing with manfriend, we did letters every Tuesday. I have every single one of my letters, as he kept his. I love looking back at them.

    Those turtles are amazing! Bargain with bones asap!

  3. Mmm mm mmm! Those look so good. The lovies of course.

    Additionally: I love your purse, my sweetie and I have crazy nicknames for each other (like stinkabink, chuchalabooch), and OMG you must go to the RenFaire! You're going to trip out on how dorky and fun it all is. WOOO HOO!

  4. you guys are too freaking cute together. all your little romanticisms are perfect.

    and great find for $1!!

  5. Okay
    a. you obviously DO celebrate valentine's day i.e. flowers, cards, champagne, and turtle.
    b. who doesn't love flowers?!
    c. you have too many steps to enter next giveaway... i'm not that blog savvy. i don't know how to do HALF the things you do on this thing. I need lessons.
    d. i also love your purse. i'm a BIG fan of overtheshoulder bags.

  6. oh and ryan calls me "schmoogamoo" and "buttons" and "dolly" WHY? who knows! lol

  7. court- just left you a message

    emily- of course we will go to the renfair! I was so pumped to see that arizona had one! we used to go when we were kids growing up in the midwest. SUCH a midwest thing! but I love them. and I totally thought of you! isn't that funnny?

    vanessa- thats amazing that you guys wrote letters as well. its such a romantic thing, isn't it? you should absolutely put them in a little book or something so that you can look back at them. such a wonderful thing to have!

    lisa and melrose- thanks for the sweet comments girls!! xoxo you guys always say the sweetest things and I love getting on here because of it!

  8. You wrote a letter every day? My heart melts...
    Ok, our secret, I have been known to call Matt 'butterballs', seriously for no reason... friends make fun, yes...

  9. Sorry it has taken me this long to get around to this post. But you are so insanely sweet! What a fab giveaway - I just tweeted about it :)

    And a letter every day? Wow. Seriously, that is love. You are amazing.

  10. Have I seriously not entered this?? I thought I did... hmm... Ok, well now I'm doing it because these treats look A-mazing! :) And a letter a day?? Totally adorable!!


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