H&M rockstar tee.

rockstar-eque? yes? I thought so. H&M had the cutest/most ridiculously priced tee's when I was home last month. I went crazy buying too many of them, but I know with the warm arizona weather that I can rock them very soon. its going to be 75 today in tucson!
so crazy.
today's post will be epically short.
due to the mass amounts of half packed boxes scattering my floor.
you really never realize how much junk you have, until you have to move it from one place to another.

anyways, enjoy another california trip post.
it was a girl's night out. which is always fun. and drama free.

told you it was going to be short and sweet today!
happy thursday

valentine's winner announced tomorrow :)


  1. Look at you in your little rockstar shirt! Cutie!

  2. you pull off the rockstar look sooo well! i love that shirt on you, h&m is the greatest.

  3. 75 degrees? So freaking jealous. And I love your girls' night out look. Very rocker chic.

    And by the way, I think the response to your Facebook post about rodeos was really ridiculous. I can't believe so many people were so hateful because of something you stand for. How can people a - not care about the way those animals are treated and b - hate on you for caring? It's ridiculous and you didn't deserve any of it!


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