chandelier earring and midnight kisses.

happy middle of the week ladies!
today and tomorrow are actually the "weekend" for my hubby and I since those are his days off this week. unfortunately, that does not mean we are doing fun things! we are packing the apartment as we speak for the big move.
30 days and counting.
I thought I would take a break and try to finish up these california trip posts.
I am just now posting our new year's eve pictures.
I promise we will be caught up by the end of the month!
anyways, away we go :)

new year's eve is always a source of drama in our household. drama as in we always fail in the plan making department. its such an over-hyped holiday and while during the rest of the year we are pro's at planning fun events/dates/parties, for some reason nye is our down fall. we can never agree what we want to do, and in turn can never get our friends to agree.
for our first four new year's together, we couldn't able to celebrate because I was a college cheerleader/dancer and we we away for a tournament every year during nye. which meant some memorable nye's spent in hotel rooms with a hourly check to make sure we weren't sneaking out. awesome.
especially when you are 22 years old!

since we were finally going to be together for a new year's eve (last year we spent at a party with friend's) we wanted to do something super fun. SF is completely crazy on nye and its best to avoid it, if you can. we ended up in the east bay with some of our favorite people. we bar-hopped in walnut creek, and it was lots of fun. :)
you've seen this dress before in vegas, and I was planning my betsey johnson pink sequin number from my bachelorette party, but since we didn't end up going to the city I had to down play it instead. I tossed a long sleeve on under it, so that when we were walking around I didn't freeze.

I did enjoy my new mac lipgloss in totally fab.
because I'm totally fab.
and hello chandelier earrings! so heavy, but so glam.

my brother in law, Leigh, thinks he is hilarious.
note: he is wearing his "ron burgundy outfit". again.

chandeliers to match my earrings. so thoughtful of them.

end of the night/morning shot. yes, we are staying in my in-laws house. yes, that is a teenage boy's room. and yes, it does smell lovely. thanks for asking.

anyways, a few more days for the valentine's give away.

and kyla, I will email you this week!

back to packing. boxing things is not conducive to keeping my manicure looking awesome.



  1. Your NYE looked fun - cute dress :D

    CC xXx

  2. Love the stripes, but most of all your gorgeous earrings! :)

  3. First of all, you and the hubby are ridiculously cute together. Seriously, adorable. And you look gorgeous!

    We always fail at NYE too. I hate the built up expectations and it's SO anticlimactic. But it looks like you guys had an awesome time :) Happy 2010!


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