stupid listens to the heart. thrifting in berkeley.

oh hello! ciao to you all on this wonderful morning. I am sipping coffee and about to start that morning run. working out in the morning is the worst, but how good does it feel to get it out of the way early? :)
I'm leaving you with some of more of my favorite pictures from the california trip that never ends. I will be done with the trip pictures in another week or so. just in time for my next journey back to the bay for wedding events.

the original plan was, of course, to wear my red tights with this outfit. but just my luck, one of my dogs decided that she liked my tights more than I did and promptly proceeded to drag them threw the dirt of the back yard at my parent's house.

met up with rene and my lovely friend, jen for some coffee.
and we decided to call this my lady gaga shirt.
(because of the puffy sleeves)

and here's jen. such a cutie. she is another one of my friends that I can't help but be proud of. jen is a super talented artist. her paintings are some of the most beautiful creations and she is ridiculously humble about her gift. after dabbling in college for a few years, she is finally going to follow her true calling and go to art school!
the only sad part, is that the school is in northern michigan.
one more place to add to my mission of seeing the entire, beautiful, glorious world.

had to include rene, even though she is going to be super pumped (sarcasm) about me posting this hot looking picture of her. we had just dropped her boyfriend/my brother in law off at the airport at 4 am that morning for a year of training/boot camp. crazy marine.

after some coffee to get us going, we headed over to berkeley for some thrifting, roaming around, people watching (berkeley rocks for this) and of course a mini photo shoot.

true words, diesel. always listen to the heart.

when I was a little girl and we would come to visit from chicago, we would always stop in berkeley. my parents went to college in the east bay and loved to visit and show off their alma mater. it was SO different from the midwest.
for the longest time, I really didn't believe there was any where in the world like berkeley.
its like traveling back in time.
no joke. its auh-mazing. the shops, and street vendors, and musicians, and art, and just everything there feels like its out of the 1970's. and I love it.
walking around telegraph is a truly interesting experience, especially fashion-wise. the only rule?
anything goes.
dreadlocks? tie dye? neon tights?
they rock it all there. and if your wearing normal looking clothes, prepare to feel out of place.
also? some of the best vintage stores you could ever find. hands down. visiting during those early years cemented my adoration for this eclectic and eccentric town and during my college years in the east bay I made sure to frequent it often. I did live only ten minutes away, after all.

oh jen bunny. I do love you. ;)

ok, I wanted this hat like a fool. however, I couldn't justify it, being that I live in arizona now. and really have no need whatsoever for this funky/awesome hat.
but it looks tres gorgeous on jen, right?
well, she thought I was crazy.
I love my friends, and some day I will get them to embrace outgoing fashion the way that I do.
its my mission.

on another note, I couldn't resisit this hounds tooth peacoat. I am weak when it comes to hounds tooth and it was only 15 dollars. walking away from that would have like an insult to that coat. just couldn't be done. plus, in my defense I had let jen borrow my coat, and was freeeeeeezing.

friends make my world spin round.

after a tiresome day of coffee, thrifting, wandering, and more coffee, we decided it was time for some famous shattuck avenue pizza.
so we hit up the cheeseboard.
this de-lish place is in one of my favorite areas of berkeley and its super unique.
it is a pizza/cheese shop and everyday they make ONE type of pizza for the entire day.
for example, on the day we went the daily pizza was:

Cremini mushrooms, onions, green bell pepper, mozzarella & feta cheese, garlic olive oil, Italian parsley.

are you dying yet?

they post the menu for the week on their site and then you just check it out before you head over.
you can order a slice, a half a pizza, or a whole and the prices are pretty killer.
everything is fresh and delicious, and I'm getting hungry just thinking about it right now.
they usually have live music, and when its nice weather out everyone just sits outside the shop and enjoys their 'za.
(on the street, in the median area with grass, everywhere, its nuts.)

the line is always ridiculously long.
above is my angry face for how long my rumbling stomach & I had been waiting in the line.
but, oh, was it worth it. yummy/fresh/ healthy pizza.

so there you are. happy tuesday! sorry for my absence yesterday. I am being a busy person/lazy blogger. those two don't compliment each other well.
the most recent project on the line besides
house stuff/school stuff/ wife stuff/ fam stuff?
being the best bridesmaid/honorary maid of honor to my cousin-in-law julia.
I am planning an adorable "alice in wonderland" themed tea party for her bridal shower.
hey, what the bride wants, the bride gets.
so I apologize if I am seeming a little off the walls lately. its going to be a busy few months. :)

oh and go enter the valentine's week give away here!



  1. I completely wish I could workout in the morning...I would probably do it more often if I did. Too bad that bed of mine just grabs a hold of me and won't let me get up when the alarm goes off. Damn pillow top mattresses!!

    YAY! More photos from California... I love seeing all of these. Love that coat- no way could you have let it go..No Way!


  2. I love your Houndstooth coat. Also, one of my favorite things in the world is seeing my loved ones following their dreams. Yay for your friend going to Art School!

  3. I am soooo pumped about that picture. Thanks for posting a picture of me after not sleeping for 24 hours. You're my favorite.

    Hahaha. See you soon!

  4. wow you two look so cute!! Love the outfit my dear!

  5. i love all the outfits, especially your top one! so cute!
    those posters are amazing too <3

  6. I love your top outfit --- the red print and sleeves are so dramatic and gorgeous.

    - JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

  7. I actually really like the black tights with it. I think it makes the print on the top pop more.

    And you ran in the morning?! I wish I could make myself do that but I've tried. It doesn't work. I'm so NOT a morning person and working out anytime before lunch is just not going to happen. Do you think it really is that much better for you? I've heard it's a bigger boost to your metabolism to work out in the mornings.


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