more funny valentine's and a winner!

so, question. do you ever have an outfit idea in your mind, that you just know is going to be perfect? when I found this shirt last week, this outfit began to formulate in my mind. this little stripey shirt had some auh-mazing colors in it.
hello yellows, hello pinks, hello oranges.
I couldn't wait to pull out the bright colors by pairing it with tights and shoes that were equally as bright. I couldn't wait for this outfit to come to fruition.
I wanted to save it for valentine's week so that I could pull out the bright pops of pink.
and then the day arrived and I put the outfit on.
sadly, it was not as perfect as I had imagined it in my head. I was not loving it.
at all.
logan calls the yellow tights my "jaundice tights". well you can figure out why.
thanks hun.
well, that happens sometimes.
fashion fails can occur with the best of us. I promptly changed out of the offensive tights and shoes, and downplayed the shirt a bit.

ah yes. that is better. not as exciting, but what can you do.

the hubby and I headed out for the afternoon and had lunch at this place on 4th avenue called
it was super yummy. 4th ave is a pretty fun place to visit if you are in tucson. there are tons of thrift/vintage shops, and fun boutiques. it reminds me of a smaller version of berkeley or of the haight/ashbury area of SF.

after lunch we were going to go check out the ansel adams exhibit of the southwest and instead became side tracked when we found this museum on our way.
they were featuring a collection of work by the photographer, david taylor.
it was entitled working the line.
which is exactly what my hubby does. it was interesting to walk through and have him explain more about what he does. the parts that he is allowed to tell me about anyways.

now, what you've all been waiting for! the winner of the busy bee lauren headband! hooray!
and thanks to the random generator.... comment number 15.

the lovely kyla of blue collar catwalk will be the lucky new owner of the BBL headband!
(Kyla, shoot me an email with your address so I can get your prize to you)
thanks to everyone that participated! you are auh-mazing!

and remember to enter the valentine's week give away here
go enter if you want a chance at the de-lish bucket of lovies!

happy weekend!


  1. You're so cute. The DF hot pink is not necessarily the same as other peoples' hot pink. The DF hot pink is HOT Effin PINK. ;)

    Well, I like how the final outfit turned out, and I have been loving that purse in your pics. Also, what a fun day to get to go to this museum. Most fabulous.

  2. aww everyone has fashion flops once in awhile but yours was really not so bad at all! in any case, i love your photos, i adore the big stack of bracelets and omg you look so amazing in sunglasses, you lucky girl! xx

  3. I'm crying on the inside that I didn't win the headband.

  4. Sweet! I'll shoot you an email in the morning! Thank you!

  5. Congratulations to Kyla! She's a lucky girl :)

    And I have to agree on the yellow tights but I love that you tried it. It takes a few misses to achieve a real hit - which you definitely did by adding the black to the super colorful top! Love!


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