boot jewelry and rocker chains.

who wants to hear a story? *raises hand*
so yesterday was one of those days that just wasn't going to end well no matter how positive I tried to be about it. anyone else have those?
it began with an email moving a due date up from next week to this week. awesome.
it continued at the gym where I tried to work off some steam with the personal trainer and ended up getting sick into the trash bin at the juice bar. mortified? yes. not sure I can ever go back there. awesome.
and it ended with the hubby and I trying to buy some de-lish/healthy subway subs, only to find out that the state of california had emptied our joint savings and frozen our accounts.
I know, that was my reaction as well.
apparently, they think we owe them some taxes from 2007. which I can say, after riffling through all of our tax forms and returns from the past 3 years is TOTALLY untrue.
in fact they wrote us an IOU last year for 400 bucks.
really california? really?
I'm sure it will all be cleared up this week. but what a pain. our accounts are frozen!
but I digress.
lets just say that it is a good thing that this week is almost over with. yikes

on another more exciting note, I stopped by the new house which now has a fresh coat of paint and is looking sharp. yay!
on to the outfit. this was a fun little punk rock princess outfit that I wore to one of our nights out. it was a pretty casual/funky tee with my skinny black jeans and some crazy boots.
how awesome is that foot jewelry? found them on sale at bakers and was going crazy over them.

boot jewelry is my new thing. its all the rage.

so sorry that I wasn't my usual ball of sunshine during this post, it was a rough night. but hoping today will be better. hope you enjoyed the quick post and lets all celebrate being one day closer to the glorious weekend.
anyone else going to see Alice in wonderland tomorrow/tonight?
love me some of that classic tim burton/johnny depp combo.



  1. Awww lady... sorry to hear your day was crappy!! At least you totally rocked this outfit! :) I love the boot chains!

  2. Oh no. What an awful awful day! I'm so sorry, love. I really hope everything get worked out soon - something like that can be so stressful.

    On a happier note, this is a totally fabulous look. Your boot jewelry is bananas!

    PS I keep forgetting to mention. I talked to my boss about taking off some time when you are here. Apparently she is going on vacation that week and needs me here as her back up. So I won't get any time off. I still would love for you to come and we can hang out in the evenings. I just wanted to let you know.

  3. i love those boots! i wish i had the courage to wear the awesome outfits you rock!

  4. Never apologize for venting... especially after a hellacious day like that one. Ugh! I am so sorry you'd had to deal with all of that.

    On the up side, you looked rockin'! I'm going to see Alice on Sunday in Imax 3D. I'm uber pumped!

  5. Rock on! I'm so sorry about your unfortunate luck, but you do look pretty awesome! The boot chains are sooo cool!

  6. This is SUCH a great outfit. Especially with the boot bling!


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