key to my heart.

happy friday in blog-land everyone! I hope you have all had a fabulous week. :)
I am ending mine on a good note, and thus am in a super bubbly and excited mood.
the hubby and I are going to see alice in wonderland tonight with the BP boys.
raise your hand if you've seen it already?
you little midnight sneaks.
was it good? I'm dying to know
I have been craving another fix of the epic combination of tim burton/johnny depp and I can't wait!
I feel like the entire world has gotten alice fever right now. even the front page of etsy yesterday was completely alice inspired.
well this mad hatter is loving that.

as for these pictures, they are, of course, from the never ending california trip.
it just keeps happening.
well, sit back and enjoy the photo parade.
so, for the few days that logan was able to come and visit I had asked that his christmas present to me be a day of snowboarding up at tahoe.
anyone else a big snowboarder?
SO much fun. there is nothing like spending the day on the mountains with your nearest and dearest.
unfortunately, we just sort of ran out of time... and the hubs got me the next best thing.


awesome. I was ecstatic about my new key necklace that I had been lusting after since Blair wore it on the season premiere of gossip girl.

you have to give your man big kisses after he brings you to tiffany's. duh. :)

so I bet that you thought when the title of the post was key to my heart, that I was talking about the new necklace.
the key to my heart are these people right here.
just another typical night with our favorite people in the bay area.
this is my family. and whether it is by blood, by marriage, or by friendship, I love these guys to no end.

also standard. gangsta faces.
thats how we roll.

sistahs for life. we are bonded together by the men/brothers that we deal with. gotta love our boys.

like girlfriend, like boyfriend.

ok, enough of my mushy stuff. lets all go out and enjoy the weekend, shall we?
check back for more fashion next week as the mailbox mavens are getting into gear!

hugs for all. :)



  1. Hooray for Tiffany's! :) Sooo fabulous! And another hooray for the weekend... and for the Mavens beginning! Have a great weekend lovely!

  2. You MUST let me know how Alice and Wonderland is!!! I wanted to see it tonight, but the boy and I are going to see Shutter Islandinstead (I know we are nuts). I am DYING to see it though, so I must know if it's worth it...which how could it not be- Johnny Depp/Tim Burton= AMAZING! ;)

    Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!

    P.S. Gorgeous necklace!

  3. I really miss you Megan. I think we really bonded that day at Starbucks in Orinda and I wish we lived closer so we could hang out more often. I just think you are awesome.

  4. LOVE that necklace! I feel in love with key necklaces after seeing Blaire's too. Love Gossip Girl!

  5. You and your girls are SO CUTE! I don't snowboard and I haven't seen Alice, but I'm about to certify scuba. That counts for something, right?

  6. How totally sweet of your man?! It's a gorgeous piece, so timeless.

    And I haven't seen Alice yet. Might just wait for Netflix. Or is it worth seeing in theaters?

  7. that's such a cute necklace!!! :D


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