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weekend update: megan style
the past few days have been a crazy flurry of activity over at the wolf residence.
we are in a constant state of packing chaos, which is creating quite the conundrum for us.
why, you ask?
well, you see, we have to keep the condo neat and tidy so that potential renters can drop by whenever to have a looksy at the place.
how do you pack, but stay clean at the same time?
exactly. you see the issue.
other than that we have been running around trying to find interesting things to do in our new home town. tomorrow I'll post some pictures I took of us doing some swap meet thrifting, eating at a de-lish place called wrappers, and roaming this crazy candy store called: the chocolate iguana.
exciting. but today's photos (if you can guess from the title) are from when we went to see alice in wonderland.

I wanted to wear something adorable, yet whimsical at the same time to capture my alice excitement. and of course, I had to throw a little blue in there for my take on alice. this betsey johnson dress is one of my all time favorites. I originally bought it a few years ago for our engagement pictures and wore it for the part of the photo shoot where we went romping about the palace of fine arts in san francisco.

I also wore one of my new busy bee lauren headbands. these little creations are pure love. I am adoring them far too much, and when I wore this one, people continued to approach me throughout the night and inquire as to were I found it. do you have yours yet? run. srsly. because they are going fast.

all in all, I was ridiculously happy about the outcome of this outfit. it was exactly what I was looking for when I took my trip down the rabbit hole. I love the way the color of the tights pops against the simple black and white, and I think the child-like combination of polka dots and bright colors was perfection for alice.
which, by the way, I enjoyed tremendously. and it breaks my heart just a little bit to hear about all of the people who were disappointed.
I don't know how you could possibly be upset after seeing the glorious-ness of the wonderland that tim burton created. it was beautiful and magical and everything wonderland should be.
alice was always one of my favorite stories as a child, so much so that it was one that my mom had memorized so that she could tell me the tale while she tucked me in.
I appreciated the use and incorporation of many of the original lines and fell in love many times over with johnny depp's mad hatter. brilliant, and heartbreaking all at once.

I also want every dress that alice wore in the movie. who has the hookup for me?

and did I mention that we saw it in 3D? yes. it is a must. I didn't take the 3D leap with avatar, as I was worried about the headache, but it was well worth it for alice. so much so, that I am thinking about how awesome it would be to go back and give 3D avatar a shot.
(you know, the movie that should have won best picture)
on that same note, how crazy are these movies getting these days.
because dude, I remember when I was a kid and aladin came out in theaters and that "magic-carpet-flying-through-lava" was like the most auh-mazing and high tech thing ever.
my future children will definitely look at my movies and be astounded at how archaic they are in comparison. sad times.

oh hai close up on my headband, you are looking rather lovely today.

rocking some stella and dot jewelry. and tiffany's. as per usual.

and that's it for our monday post! tune in tomorrow for more epic tales from our weekend.
let me know what you ladies were up to? did you all see alice? any fun stories/escapades?

leaving you with my favorite line from the movie...

alice: I've sometimes believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast
hatter: that is an excellent practice.



  1. Perfect that you wore blue tights since that color was so prevalent in the movie! And so funny- my post today is on what I wore to see it, I picked polka dots too! However you have far cuter accessories than I managed.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  2. I loveeee your Alice-inspired look! So cute! That headband rocks!

  3. Oh my goodness, you look adorable and PERFECT for Alice. I didn't see Alice in 3-D (I was afraid of a headache) but I absolutely loved it. I was just enchanted.

    P.S.: This is kate_mi from twitter, by the way. I love your blog. :)

  4. Adorable! I love the headband. I too fell in love with the Mad Hatter. Johnny Depp is just SO GOOD at making weirdos attractive. What is it about that man?

  5. You look gorgeous! I LOVE Lauren's headbands!

  6. YAY for Avatar. So pissed about The Hurt Locker...

    Maybe I will see Alice in Wonderland tomorrow. I am glad you liked it. I hope it is good :)

    I also love the headband.

  7. I love your outfit Megan it's so adorable and very appropriate for Alice in Wonderland! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  8. You look perfect for going to see Alice in Wonderland. I really like your watch!
    I hate packing so much, so I feel your pain. My apartment is never clean, so I can't imagine how difficult it must be to pack and keep clean. At least you have your beautiful house to look forward to!

  9. Oh, hi, headband. You ARE looking quite lovely!

    As is the dress, and the top, and the shoes, and the tights. And your gorgeous face.

    Pretty much everything about this whole post is lovely :)

  10. Girl, this is such a perfect Alice in Wonderland outfit!! I ADORE the color of those tights!

  11. Ahah you look soooo cute! I love your white ring! cute cute



  12. Super cute! I am way excited to see Alice. Glad you thought it was awesome!


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