a moment in the sun.

happy tuesday bloggerland!
I hope today finds you all happy and still smiling from the post alice awesomeness.
was I the only one who noticed that almost every fashion blogger in the world rocked an "alice ensemble post" yesterday?
there were some really fantabulous and fantastic outfits, that were completely worthy of an adventure in wonderland. I love leaving a blog feeling creative and inspired.
anyways, allow me to share some more of the past weekend's escapades with you. we had a super full day on saturday that was beyond glorious. the hubs, aka logan, usually never has a weekend day off like the rest of the world. so in honor of that, we took a hiatus day from packing up our place and ventured out into the arizona sunshine.
saturday was a gorgeous day and it was lovely being out with my man, exploring tucson. (however, dont even get me started on the downpour that was sunday and the fact that my windshield wiper totally broke in the middle of said downpour)

lots & lots & lots of photos of this outfit because I loved it so much. of all the styles that I enjoy wearing, I really feel most at home in my bohemian look. beautiful, flowy tunics and bright patterns have always appealed to me so boho is pretty much my go-to.

I was also able to wear yet another of my busy bee headbands. did I mention that I accidentally ordered another one last night? I'm pretty much addicted to them at this point. I just can't get over how unique they are, and they are handmade which is auh-mazing. you can see that so much thought and love goes into each one of them.

what does every boho chic look need? a peace sign thrown in somewhere.
my two wooden bracelets were found off a little street vendor in berkeley, ca.
one has a peace sign
(because if you follow my blog, you know I'm a huge animal saving, earth loving, tree hugging, yoga practicing, granola eating, tie dye wearing hippie)
and the other has my astrological sign: virgo
my friend, jen, also bought a few so that we match.
they are our adult versions of friendship bracelets. holla.

yup. more headband.

oh hai again nifty peace sign bracelet.

as far as the adventures that day, we decided to go to the big tucson swap meet that happens every weekend. SO much fun and a must do if you live in the area. so many neat vendors and things to find there. these old license plates made me smile since so many of them were from the midwest. you know, where I hail from.
sweet home chicago.

they also had tons of fresh food and produce to buy. my hubby got a bag of these fried contraptions. my diet and I weren't big fans, but he grubbed on them like no other. he said they tasted like spicy chips.

I was dying over all the cowboy boots! so cool... but made from real leather and thus I have to pass. and how funny is this dream catcher? we just about died. and then logan offered to buy it. and then I died some more.
(in case you are wondering, our last name is wolf so we find anything wolf related to be hilarity)

and then we died all over again when we found a table of hunters.
umm hi? what?
we weren't sure what to make of them. except that they are super hilarious and super sexay.

on the way out, we saw this adorable little tent and had to stop over. this older couple were the nicest people and their homemade salsa was out of this world! they had over ten different flavors and they were all super amazing. all of the salsa is fresh and all natural, which I love. please believe we bought three jars of the stuff.
one jalapeno, one mango, and one super hot pepper flavored.
we have almost used one whole jar and it hasn't even been a week!
I do have to say that is a perk about living in the southwest that I am enjoying. all access to the spiciest foods ever.

after we thrifted at the swap meet, we decided to grab some dinner. now, we had already had de-lish wraps that I had made for lunch, but we have been hearing awesome things about this place: wrappers.
since we are fans of the wrap we decided to give it a go.
it was pretty yummy, but nothing I couldn't whip up at home.
I would for sure go again, and I'm thinking about trying one of the smoothies next time around.

to end the day, we ventured over to the chocolate iguana, which is a neat cafe and candy store. my diet and I hung back and watched my husband let out his "inner fat child".
literally like a kid in a candy store.
they have that expression for a reason, you know.

sigh. and that was our day. we then went home, cuddled up with our dog-a-loos and watched some movies. a perfect day.
whats your idea of a perfect day? who would you spend it with?

much love to all of you ladies. :)



  1. This sounds like the absolute perfect day. Very similar to something my husband and I would do if we were to get out and about.

    I'd love your advice on the best places to purchase vegan shoes. I know Steve Madden and Chinese Laundry sometimes have them. But I'd love to have a consistent outlet.

  2. Logan sent Ryan a picture of the hunters. He laughed and told me the story!

  3. What a great post, love the boot pics- and your boots. The headbands do look addicting. I rocked a "what I wore to Alice" post- painfully shy of the gorgeousness of her costumes...
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  4. I LOVE this outfit! That dress is amazing and I'm so into the stack of bracelets!

  5. I love your outfit, especially the accessories.

  6. I have been loving all of the Alice looks too even though I haven't participated... yet.
    And I love this tunic. It's totally a piece I would wear ALL the time if it were mine. And wearable year-round too.

    PS I am LOVING the headbands. This one is my favorite so far. Amazing!

  7. Sounds like a great day - the sweet shop loooks fab - and you my dear do not need to diet!!!

    CC xXx

  8. Girl, you ROCK boho chic! I love those headbands, too.

  9. Oh my word. If i even get offered an academic job in AZ, I am taking it! I love the heat, I love the southwest, and I love spicy homemade salsa! YUMS!

    Also, you look amazing in boho chic. As always.


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