look for the girl with the sun in her eyes and shes gone.

hi lovelies out in blog land! two posts in one day? its true, I am guilty. I have been bringing you my mailbox mavens posts all week and it has been a blast. but, as you know if you have been hangin with me for a bit, this week has been rather troublesome for this fashionista. what might the remedy be?
put on my favorite boho chic ensemble, take a long walk with my hubby out in the gorgeous sunshine, and spend the rest of the day rockin out to the beatles while letting my creative juices flow with some painting.
I know, HUGE hippie alert. but hey, I warned you. tree hugging, yoga doing, and granola eating is my specialty.
anyways, I was so thrilled with these photos from our afternoon walk I wanted to post them for the world and you guys to see.
as I've been unpacking I have been finding all of my crazy, funky maxi dresses from last summer. since the arizona sun is blazing down on us already, I have been relishing wearing all my "warm weather" clothes.
I'm still not ready to hide this faux fur (no, I don't ever wear real fur) vest away yet. its too groovy to disappear for the entire season. I really adore the juxtaposition of the fur texture against the smooth summer dress.
the desert is coming alive (and so are my allergies), and looking just gorgeous. I am thankful that I am beginning to appreciate the beauty of our new home. I still miss northern california, but can I really complain? absolutely not.
faux fur vest: forever 21
black and tan halter maxi dress: nordstrom circa summer 2009
busy bee lauren "allison" headband
satchel purse: zara circa milano spring 2009
my dancing and posing: circa today
my "allison" and "blair" BBL headbands are locked in a battle to the death to win my heart. it is a super close fight, let me tell you.
menagerie of bracelets: collected from all over the world. :)
sunnies: nordstrom BP section (10 bucks and been wearing them for years)
olive wedges: erica rae's unique boutique (walnut creek, ca)
turquoise ring: santa fe, NM market in the plaza
antique ring: "how sweet it was" vintage (tucson, AZ)

in other news, I best get back to my painting. and then I am going to have to rack my brain to figure out what delish meal I am cooking tonight. my hubby and I are exactly one week into our only "organic and vegan" diet and we are feeling fantastic. hop on the band wagon.
and remember, in the epic and timeless words of the beatles...
LOVE is all you need.

peace out.



  1. I LOVE the hippie you! She's so fabulous! And she always makes me believe for a minute, if only for a minute, that I might look decent in a maxi dress. YAY!

  2. I'm in love with this from head to toe! Bring on the boho!!!

  3. This is such a fun look!
    I love all the neat jewelry.

  4. I adore your outfit!! The accessories are fabulous as well.

    I'm attempting to go vegan for a week (maybe longer, we'll see how it works out . . .) please share if you come up with a good recipe.

  5. Aw, I hope your happy hippie day started cheering you up. You look gorgeous, and these photos are so fun!


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