don't rain on my parade.

happy monday!
did you all have a splendid weekend? mine was a fabulous combination of getting things accomplished as well as a healthy mix of complete laziness. work hard, play hard, sleep hard? works for me. the hubby and I are becoming regular "do it yourself-ers" around the house. can I please tell you that we made no less than four trips to home depot over the past three days? but we have started some really fantastic projects as a result. just last night we built a shower head that goes over the expanse of our tub and has multiple shower heads! we thought it was neat. I guess that's how you know you really are getting old. when you spend your weekend at home depot and think installing shower heads is nifty. sigh. anyways, this was what I wore friday to run errands. and it was most definitely about to rain. on my parade. dear weather, not ok. I have things to do. such as thrift shopping and heading to newport beach in 4 days. so lets not rain on that parade either, shall we?
super cheap chic outfit for you today. dress from target circa last summer.
green tshirt dress worn underneath, forever 21.
black scarf, from a market in london circa 2009
blue smurfette tights, american apparel.
black metallic purse, target circa fall 2009
white raybans, ebay purchase.
hairstyle, bedhead circa friday morning.
crazy cool belt with nautical charms, thrifted at goodwill last summer.
white wedges, bakers.
out of control, oversized watch, black house white market (super discount from the summer I worked there years ago).

and for those who are interested, I will absolutely be posting some of my favorite vegan and organic recipes soon! I love sharing since people seem to think that going veggie is so difficult! I assure you its not. its simply about making smart, health conscious decisions and thinking more about what you eat before you eat it. which, lets face it, most of america needs to do anyways.

I will also be giving you updates as I really begin to train for the upcoming races I am participating in. if anyone is in the bay area, I would love to see you come out and join in! I will be at the SF bay to breakers in may and the SF marathon/half marathon in july. get on board!

your mission today? try paying attention to EVERYTHING you are eating. food journals help me. :) and head outside for at least a few minutes. its good for the soul.




  1. This outfit is so super yummy on you!

    I am totally with you on the food comments. My hubby and I watched Food Inc. a couple of weeks ago (nothing new to me, as I loved the book Fast Food Nation), but it totally traumatized my sweetie. The state of food issues in the US today is very very scary.

  2. The colors, patterns, and textures of this outfit fit together sooo well! It all comes together beautifully :)

    Races?! AH! That is pretty neat, good luck with all the training.

  3. will you please fly to montana and be my personal stylist?!

  4. I love the wedges and the watch. I'm looking forward to the recipes!

  5. I love the vibrant patterns and colors here!

  6. Super cute outfit!! Love all of the patterns and colors! :)

  7. Love Love Love the wedges!!! So beautiful and intricate!

    The tights rock too :D

    CC xXx


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