all your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise.

lately I feel like I am in a perpetual state of waiting. and I absolutely can't stand that. back in what I now refer to as my "previous life", i.e my life before moving to arizona, I used to love living in the moment. there were so many wonderful things to live every day for. and each of those days was full, brimming to the top. friends. family. love. laughter. and now? life is pretty lonely in tucson. while I adore our new home, and while I am enjoying making it ours, I am realizing just how empty the days seem. the more time I spend painting and decorating, the more I think about how quiet life has become. it almost makes me laugh, thinking that you really should be careful what you wish for. back in the "old life", I would have given anything for a moment of peace and silence. now, that's what I've got. in more portions than I can stand. when I wake up, I want something to look forward to. don't we all? dear tucson, work with me. because I am trying. well, enough sullen-ness for today. it must be the weather.
countdown of things currently on the agenda:
newport beach road trip with miss lauren- 4 days
san francisco road trip with the hubs- 2 weeks
julia's wedding- 3 weeks
east coast trip- june 2010
l.a. trip- june 2010
chicago trip- july 2010
mystery trip for our wedding anniversary- august 2010
on to the outfit. denim jacket- H&M circa fall 2009
tie dye maxi dress- macy's summer 2009
gray purse with gold chain link strap- zara, circa italy spring 2009
scarf- vintage thrifted.
gloomy weather circa today.
black ray ban sun glasses.

wooden bangle bracelet- costa rica trip 2005
ring made of blown glass from the island of murano, off of venice.

popped collar circa 1980's
learning to find something to look forward to each day, circa today.

I made a de-lish vegan AND organic dinner for myself and my hubs last night that I will be posting tomorrow once I upload the photos. did you all pay attention to what you ate yesterday? I hope so! now time for me to head off for some morning yoga, so that I can stop feeling so melancholy.




  1. I'm always so wowed by your outfits. I love how you put clothes together.

    I didn't eat very healthfully yesterday, but I did eat vegan! I'm really excited to see some of your recipes, b/c I've been in a bit of a food rut lately . . . meaning I've been eating a lot of lentils.

  2. Hello There Miss Megan!
    New to your world...and I love it!
    Even though I could never pull off wearing some of the wow outfits you CREATE...I do love seeing all that you put together...and you look FAB in it all!
    You've got lots of fun trips coming up!
    I can't imagine what you pack in your case for your lovely getaways!
    Delighted to find you!
    Don't tell anyone I commented on your blog.
    Suppose to be taking a BLOGGING holiday...
    but I just couldn't resist popping over here and seeing what you had on today! ;o)
    Delighted to meet you.
    Bainbridge Island WA

  3. Yes, owning a new home, even in a populous neighborhood can lead to temporary feelings of loneliness. Never fear! It will pass, especially for a friendly and outgoing soul such as yourself.

  4. No more melancholy! You look fab in these pictures!! :)

  5. your bangles are so gorgeous! i always love your accessories...
    and i totally know how you feel being in a transition period myself.... when i move back to ottawa it will be SO lonely! I'm counting on the fact that when i find a new job, or a new gym I'll find someone. Its almost exciting though having to come up with a new routine, isn't it? you kind of get to mold it into the life you've been picturing...

  6. these photos are gorgeous. That first one looks like its supposed to be in a magazine editorial! Hope you start feeling better :)

  7. I am IN LOVE with this look. It's so laid back, casual, carefree, and totally beautiful. I love the colors, and I love the pictures that you took as well. I hope that things get better for you. I find myself feeling that way as well, and I pray that for both of us, it gets better.

  8. Damn! This just may be my all time favorite outfit AND photos of yours! Enjoy your quiet time - I know I would. Of course, if I actually had it, I'm sure I'd feel the same as you. Where are you going on the east coast?

  9. Uhm, I agree with everyone... pretty much LOVE this outfit more than any other I think!!

  10. You life sounds amazing, no need to be sad. That skirt is beautiful!

  11. loving this colourful blog and outfit!!!!
    also just noticed your wedding photo, you look gorgeous and very happy :-)


  12. I love your bangles and dress :D

    Hope you are feeling happier and smillier today .. and just to raise your mood a little more - there is an award waiting for you over at my page .. stop on by and pick it up :D

    CC xXx


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