once I spoke the language of the flowers, understood each word.

I have to begin by saying thank you to all of my wonderful friends and readers that refused to let me slip into further melancholy the other day. each of you and your sweet words really made me smile, as usual. can I give you a great, big virtual hug? well, I am. can you feel it? good.
I am excited as I am running around town and packing to leave for my road trip to newport beach! in less than 48 hours I will be able to smell the intoxicating saltiness of the ocean and feel the breeze coming off the waves of the california coast. and it will feel like coming home. :)
since I've got to run, lets get to the outfit.

this was my first attempt at the socks+sandals combo. I've seen many bloggers do it very successfully, but I'm not sure I love it on me. I'm short, thus short legs. I sort of feel like it makes my legs seem shorter by cutting them in half. well, can't say I didn't try. the rest of the outfit I was loving. the colors, the funky hair do' with the scarf, everything.
strapless purple dress- bebe circa spring 2009 vegas trip
black sheer shirt- forever 21
lime green purse- guess
knee high socks- target
oversized sunnies- nordstrom, BP section
pearl bracelet- (really a long necklace wrapped around many times for a funky look) bought at a hawaiian market in lehaina circa fall 2008
scarf worn as a headwrap- bought from a market in venice- circa spring 2009
the arizona desert is right up against our new home and its so gorgeous to look at. I still can't believe that this is a part of my every day view. its so different from every where else I've ever lived, but beautiful in it's own right.

zip up pumps- thrifted at buffalo exchange in berkeley circa summer 2009
my smile, circa today... :)

here are a few ending notes:

I posted a wonderful vegan/organic post over on my family blog. trying to keep the fashion and other adventures separate. but, if you want to have a look at the recipe just hop on over there!

also, who watched the madonna episode of Glee this week? are you still alive? cause I almost died from the overload of awesome. I have quite a few friends who are responding to the open casting call....like my GORGEOUS and TALENTED friend, court! get over there and give that girl a gold star already. I have to say that I kind of want to post an audition as well. just for fun. can't hurt right?

extra points and love from me if you can name the poet who wrote the phrase used for the title of this post. you will earn my undying love and gratitude.

that is all from me this week! check up on my twitter to hear about what we are up to in newport beach and to see if there are any celebrity sightings at the film premiere on saturday. :)


  1. Your exuberance is so lovely. And that purse is super totally excellent.

  2. Ah Megan is a mini celebrity so she can help me get votes! xoxo
    I give you neverending gratitude. Love you girl!

  3. I love the dress, very cute!

  4. I just found your blog over at Lauren's! So glad I did! Happy Tuesday! xo

  5. easy...shel silverstein....good pull megs, good pull...and i remember that dress all too well from our vegas trip...we need to go back asap...check it out..i brought the blog baccckkkk....like justin brought back sexy...or cheating....no wait thats tiger woods....love pop culture...ok phone me

  6. Cute look- I haven't tried the socks with sandals look but you pull it off great here!


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