nintey-nine red balloons and a mad tea party.

ever have one of those months that just seems to
take your life by storm?

just when you feel like you have everything under control, something else pops up? well, this has absolutely been my life for the past few weeks. it isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially if your like me and thrive only when you are living life one hundred miles an hour. there are so many things going on right now I can barely keep my head on straight.
but you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way.
one of those things that is taking my life by storm is my cousin Julia's wedding. as part of my bridesmaid duties, I stepped forward to throw my lovely lady her bridal shower.
it was a chilly, foggy day in san francisco.
when is it not?

by ninety-nine red balloons, I really meant two. for a smart chick, I sure can't count very well.

the theme of the shower was an
alice in wonderland tea party.
since I was one of the host, I wanted to get my "mad hatter" on, if you will. now, the obvious go to would be a poofy dress, a little hat, the works. I decided to make myself "megan's version of the mad hatter".

to be really out there I made sure I had different bright colors and patterns. a red cheetah tunic? check. purple boots? check. gorgeous, shimmery BBL headband? check.

my amazing future SIL took these for me. thanks rene. :)

while it was an alice party, I still wanted it to feel feminine and girly. I went with lots of light pinks accompanied with some red and white accents.

to give it an alice feel, I tied little notes to the favor boxes with ribbon that said "eat me" and ones to the tea cups that said "drink me".
just like when alice arrives in wonderland.

my mama in law made the food and it was so fresh and delicious. perfect with our tea.
on the menu?
two different types of cucumber sandwiches
egg salad sandwiches
& tomatoes stuffed with feta and garlic.

the gorgeous rene in her wonderland best.
her dress is a true antique and she looked down right whimsical in it.

rene is an epically out of this world baker. I can't even begin to understand how she is able to make the treats that she does. she brought over so many different delightful baked goods to the tea party, we just didn't know what to do with ourselves. she even makes home made biscotti. and its the real italian kind that makes me dream of my days spent in Italy. I'm long over due for a trip back to my european home.

to continue with the theme we played
silly, little, contrary games.
I asked riddles while we sipped our tea and gave out prizes like a pocket watch necklace, and mad hatter headbands.
another game we played was where each guest had a character pinned to them and they had to socialize with wonderland's other inhabitants to discover who they were.
such fun.

then of course, we couldn't pass up the tried and true
"wedding dress made of toilet paper contest"
my friends, if you have never partaken in this event find yourself a bride, stat. and make it happen.

my mama in law was such a good sport about being our bride. doesn't she look ravishing?

the bride to be was all smiles by the end of the day. especially after she opened her plethora of presents. :)
I was so happy that I could be there for her during such an important time in her life.

I should also mention before I ride into the sunset for today, that I am still participating in mailbox mavens and my first outfit remix will be up later in the week. some of the lovely bloggers have already had a go at some of my threads. check out terra of the stylish white female taking one of my favorite dresses and putting her own spin on it. then do yourself a favor and head to fabulocity in amish country to see christina looking fancy in my tuxedo jacket.

on an ending note, I am giving a shout out to my midnight snack.

dear pretzels and nutella,
thanks for helping me get my blogging butt in gear and post some pictures. without your hazelnut goodness I may not have had the energy to make this post happen. srsly, its almost one in the morning now and your sugar is keeping this gal afloat.
stop being so tasty and awesome.
love, me
p.s. if you could work on not being so many calories that would be fantastic



  1. What a fabulous theme and party- everything is gorgeous! Love it!
    Beautiful purple boots too!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  2. Super cute outfit!! And the party pics look fab!! :)

  3. I love those purple boots! The party looked like it was amazing, she's very lucky to have you as her bridesmaid/party planner!

  4. Okay. So first of all, you look freaking amazing! I love the colors, silhouette and prints!

    And wow, you did such an amazing job with the theme. Not easy at all and it looks beautiful.

    Good luck with everything going on right now! I know you are getting tired but all your hard work will totally pay off!

  5. Aww it looks like you threw her the best party :D

    CC xXx

  6. Looks like you had a blast! I love the pictures of you with the balloons!

  7. Pretzels and nutella sound like they would be a delicious combo.

    And OMG you throw an AMAZING party! How superfun! No wonder you're crazy busy. You know how to do it up!


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