champagne, chocolate, and chateau st jean.

happy tuesday.
I'm currently typing/blogging at you from the comfort of my bed. this week is getting absolutely nuts and out of order. don't you hate that? anyways, hope you are all getting through the week in the most splendid fashion. and looking fashionable while doing just that. today's pictures are from a little wine tasting afternoon with my future SIL, rene.
my most recent trip back to california was all about spending time with the family, which is something that is incredibly important to me. :)

these first few photos were taken while I was lounging in the backyard at my parent's house in sonoma. I had made the trip back for the week, only to become disgustingly sick upon my arrival. much against my protests, my mom held me hostage in bed and force fed me tea until I felt like a walking water balloon. she was happy (which sounds horrible) because it gave her the opportunity to "be a mom again". she loves taking care of her kids. I think I will have to make sure I come home and get sick more often so that she can fulfill her motherly duties.

if your thinking that I need a pedicure, then you would be correct.

oh, did I mention that I put red in my hair? well, you bet I did.
when my mom and I had our spa day we each had our hair done, and I decided to try something new. Ive never had red of any kind in my hair, and I absolutely adore it. I am thinking that after my cousin's wedding I am going to go all over red. thoughts? I know, its a risky move. unfortunately, the red colors always fade the most quickly, so sadly my hair isn't looking as bright at is did here.

rene came to pick me up and drag my dying/moping/over dramatic butt out of bed. we headed right up the road to one of the most gorgeous wineries in the entire world. chateau st jean is my all time favorite vineyard. (and yes this is saying something because I have seen french wineries, italian wineries, and napa wineries, and this one wins)

on our way back to the east bay to meet up with the rest of my hubby's side of the family we stopped at the vineyard that is best known for its champagne. I found this place through tasting with my mother. gloria ferrer is her all time favorite. she says that it has the best view in the carneros valley. she may be right. and the fantastic champagne isn't something to complain over. :)

I am going crazy with my flip camcorder taking little videos of all of my adventures, so here are rene and I prancing around the chateau.

and of course round two of my letter to my favorite snack...

dear nutella, this relationship is getting out of hand. I bought you for my hubby to try and now you are almost gone thanks to my inner fat kid tendencies. it saddens me to say that we must part ways. after I finish off this jar that is...



  1. Loveeee the pics!! You seem to have so many fun adventures!! :) Love the red in your hair too! Super cute!

  2. HA. I loved that you told your mom I was basically your polar opposite and I show up in a button down shirt, a pencil skirt and black pumps.

    Oh, fun story about those pumps. US Airways lost one of them :(.

  3. Sonoma is one of my favorite places. So relaxing and truly a unique experience.

  4. You're so adorable. I love the idea of you as a redhead. I think you could completely rock it. Also, that video was so cute!


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