something about the sunshine baby.

oh. my. goodness.
yesterday was the nightmare day that just kept happening. I think that it had to have been a result of karma. not karma in the sense that I have been projecting negative thoughts and actions into the atmosphere. but karma in the sense that things have been going so well for us lately, that the universe feels that it needs to do its little balancing act. I am a firm believer in balance, and I know that for the world to keep spinning a little misfortune sometimes has to be blended in with all of the wonderful, happy things.
so like I was saying, karma. the karma gods decided to hit us hard yesterday.

"oh you think you can just buy a house and get away with it?"

"um... yeah?"


"nope, sorry. doesn't work that way."

to sum up to situation in a quick recap, our land lady from our old apartment has decided not to let us out of the lease as promised. she is now claiming that we owe her not only for rent for the next three months, but late fees as well. she told me ever so politely to drop off a cashier's check for the amount of 3,485 dollars at the office today.

oh yeah. totally, no problem. I will just fork over all that money I don't have to pay you for a place we are not even living in. I'm perfectly cool with that.

are you kidding me lady? anyways, there is the deal. yesterday is over and I'm moving on to today. its the hubby's day off and we are going to enjoy ourselves by doing things around our new home. such as painting! I will post pictures as soon as I get some color up on these bare walls. :)

anyways, here are some pictures from the other day. enjoy.

did I mention I love hats? well, yes I do.
dear hat, thank you for saving me from my bad hair day. you work wonders. love, me.

I also love cut off shorts with tights. I feel like I am super rocker chic when I wear that combo.

one of my favorite finds at the market in venice. the blue color is out of this world.

well, I hope you enjoyed our drama. we have been on the crazy roller coaster of life this past month and there is no end in sight. I hope that your week is faring better then ours so far. and if it isn't? go out and make something positive happen anyways. :)

peace out. and rock on.



  1. Fabulous shoes and hat- lovely fun day outfit. Painting is my fave house update to do!

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Spring Shabby Apple Dress giveaway

  2. Super cute outfit!! What the heck is that ruh-tard of a landlady thinking?? Ridiculous...... :)

  3. Gorgoeus blues and you are SO rocker chic!


    CC xXx


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